Designed for the City

While there are many benefits to raising your family in the city, traffic and power plants release harmful nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur (SO2). Existing filters remove only particulate matter while allowing these chemical pollutants to pass freely into the air we breathe.

New Advanced Filter

We developed the first low-profile filter capable of filtering both SO2 and NO2 air pollutants, which have been associated with higher asthma attack rates and 3x-6x higher asthma rates from legal city pollution limits.

Scientifically Rigorous

We use spectrometers and particulate counters to design and validate the first low-profile filters capable of filtering chemical air pollution.  Our team has partnered with physicians to study the impact of our filter on reducing asthma rates and frequency of attacks in children.


Our unique filter can integrate into existing filter systems, be they home filters, cars, or even respirators, to enhance your family’s level of protection from harmful air pollution.

Made in the USA

Our filters are proudly made in the USA, with components sources and assembled entirely in New England.

Globally Responsible

We’re committed to saving lives. A portion of profits goes towards products that reduce childhood deaths from indoor air pollution in developing countries.