Our mission is to reduce asthma and deaths from air pollution worldwide. In developed countries, we plan to carry out the first-ever trials of the benefits of reducing ambient pollution exposure in children. In developing countries, we aim to save lives.

Profits for Impact

As we expand, we will start directing a portion of our profits to subsidizing life-saving products from indoor air pollution in developing countries. Why? Because:

Steep Consequences in Vulnerable Populations

Indoor air pollution arises from cooking over an open fire, creating dense particulate matter (PM) pollution in homes that, when inhaled, can lead to life-threatening pneumonia in infants and young children.

Widespread Problem

The World Health Organization indicates that 3 billion people worldwide suffer from indoor air pollution. We aren’t competing with other companies in remedying indoor pollution; together we’re fighting a titanic problem.

Massive Toll

4 million people die per year from indoor air pollution. 50% of under-age-5 pneumonia deaths worldwide are from indoor pollution. On average, one child dies per minute from air pollution.

Help us make a difference

Join with us and others as we try to save lives from indoor air pollution. A portion of proceeds go to this important cause.