Air Pollution Sources and Types

Air Pollution

I was speaking with a physician about air pollution, and about which types cause asthma, and she was stunned that there is background research indicating that different types of outdoor pollution have differing relationships with asthma. Part of the reason for this was that she didn’t realize how easy it was to differentiate which types of pollution come from which sources.

Okay, then. There are several major types of pollution. And NO2 from traffic is far and away the outdoor pollutant that that is most highly associated with our increasing asthma rates in the US (more on this in a future […]

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Cleaner Air Leads to Better Infant and Childhood Health

Air pollution exposure in infancy can lead to lifelong respiratory disorder. As a culture, we tend to focus on pollution we can see, such as that in China, rather than the chemical parts of pollution that are invisible.

This chemical component of air pollution, especially NO2, is associated with higher asthma rates in cities and suburbs of the US. Even so, there are some housing situations where indoor air pollution, rather than outdoor or traffic pollution, is a larger hazard.

To help with this, we at Blue Skies have put together a helpful infographic to discuss the types of air pollution and the steps […]