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Designed for the City

While there are many benefits to raising children in the city, traffic and power plants release harmful nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur (SO2). Existing portable filters remove only particulate matter while allowing these chemical pollutants to pass freely into the air we breathe.

New Advanced Filter

We developed the first low-profile filter capable of filtering both SO2 and NO2 air pollutants, which have been associated with higher asthma attack rates and 3x-6x higher asthma rates from legal city pollution limits.

Scientifically Rigorous

We use spectrometers and particulate counters to design and validate the first low-profile filters capable of filtering chemical air pollution.  Our team has partnered with physicians to study the impact of our filter on reducing asthma rates and frequency of attacks in children.

Easy To Use

Our unique product attaches effortlessly to any infant’s or children’s strollers. It can easily be detached from the stroller for use in other environments. With replaceable filters, our battery-operated products will last for years to be reused for all your children.

Made in the USA

Our filters are proudly made in the USA. The stroller attachment is assembled in the USA with parts from the USA and abroad.

Globally Responsible

We’re committed to saving lives. A portion of profits from each purchase goes towards products that reduce childhood deaths from indoor air pollution in developing countries.

Health for Life

Our technology is broadly applicable. While we will expand into products for all settings and stages of life, including respirators for athletes traveling abroad, our principal focus is on improving childhood health and wellness.

More vulnerable

While most organs are fully developed at birth, lungs continue to mature between birth and 8 years of age.  On top of this, children exchange three times more air per pound of body weight than adults, making them particularly vulnerable to environmental pollutants.

Lifelong Goal

Asthma is a chronic illness that can be difficult to control and places children at risk for potentially life-threatening respiratory compromise.  We aim to be the first product that both prevents the development of asthma as well as protects against exacerbations.

Public Health Burden

  • Poorly controlled asthma can limit academic performance and force parents to miss work to care for a sick child.  Asthma accounts for 13.8 million missed school days in the U.S. and is a leading cause of poor sleep in urban children.


  • Asthma claims 10 lives per day in the U.S.


  • The cost of asthma management in the US alone exceeds $50B annually, making it the fifth highest healthcare expense in the country.  For affected individuals, this burden averages $3000/year.

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Our mission is to reduce asthma and deaths from air pollution worldwide. In developed countries, we plan to carry out the first-ever trials of the benefits of reducing ambient pollution exposure in children. In developing countries, we aim to save lives.

Profits for Impact

As we expand, we will start directing a portion of our profits to subsidizing life-saving products from indoor air pollution in developing countries. Why? Because:

Steep Consequences in Vulnerable Populations

Indoor air pollution arises from cooking over an open fire, creating dense particulate matter (PM) pollution in homes that, when inhaled, can lead to life-threatening pneumonia in infants and young children.

Widespread Problem

The World Health Organization indicates that 3 billion people worldwide suffer from indoor air pollution. We aren’t competing with other companies in remedying indoor pollution; together we’re fighting a titanic problem.

Massive Toll

4 million people die per year from indoor air pollution. 50% of under-age-5 pneumonia deaths worldwide are from indoor pollution. On average, one child dies per minute from air pollution.

Help us make a difference

Join with us and others as we try to save lives from indoor air pollution. A portion of proceeds go to this important cause.

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